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Tattoo directory of shops, parlors, designs, artists, conventions, state regulations and a tattoo gallery for all interested in bodyart.Locate a tattoo parlor in your city or state. Got a great tattoo? Let us show it off! Send us email with a copy of your tattoo and a brief description about the tat or the tattoo artist and we will post it in our tattoo gallery. Tattoo parlors and artists are invited to send photos of your best work and we will post them in our gallery!
"Tattoo, tatoo, tattoos, tatu, or tattooz. No matter how you spell it, and it's spelled many ways online, Tattoo has never been more popular!"

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IF YOU NOTICE YOUR LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED, IT"S BECAUSE WE CHECKED AND OUR LINK WASN"T THERE OR YOUR SITE WAS DOWN! Addictve Ink Tattoo and piercing services located in Sanford Michigan. Two galleries on site.
AWOL Custom Tattooing is located in Muskegon, Michigan Artists porfolios and bio information American Tattoo Shops Directory of tattoo shops gallery free to list your shop.
Black Anchor is located in Denton, MD. Website offers convention info, gallery and flash to purchase online. Link to this page using the exact link as displayed below If you alter our link or remove it, we will remove you! YES, WE DO CHECK

Aint That Art is located in Murray, KY. Lots of art to see in their galleries. Take a look!

Crazy Ray's Tattoos is located in Northern Ohio. Tattoo galleries by style and artist.
Dos Changos Locos Tattoo California shop with gallery on website and links to tattoo resources. Elite Suite Great selection of tattoo links to shops, artists, and galleries. Add your shop


Hope 4 Pain Tattoos Tattoo gallery on their website. Reopening in July or August 2008 Link to this page using the exact link as displayed below If you alter our link or remove it, we will remove you! YES, WE DO CHECK
Ink Jam Tattoo is located in Arlington, MA. Website has aftercare information and a tattoo gallery. Jaded Heart Tattoo is located in Greenville, PA. Website has tattoo gallery and flash gallery.
Link to this page using the exact link as displayed below If you alter our link or remove it, we will remove you! YES, WE DO CHECK

Jessie Smith Tattoos This guy has some really nice work in his galleries. Info on where he is now, along with contact info.

Living Canvas UK Studio with photo gallery and after care information on their website. Letsdosomethingtonight If you're looking for something to do at night, this is the site for you.
Mori Ink located in Ashland, OR. Also piercing and permanent makeup. Primeau Custom Tattoo Art Winnipeg Photo album on website along with link and contact information.
My Reality Tattoos Murray, Ky. Website has a tattoo and piercing gallery. Tampa Permanent Makeup Permanent Makeup artist Laura Sherwood offers application by hand. Check her out!



Tattoo Johnny A top tattoo resource website with tattoo artists, flash, piercing and body modification links. Voodoo Tattoo Studio Central Minnesota Studio. Several portfolio's with some nice work. Contact and resource info on website.





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